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  • Product questions

    What happens if I blend my silica pack?

    If you are concerned about a blended silica pack, please call your doctor. The silica-based desiccant packet in Vega® products is non-toxic. While not recommended to eat, no adverse reactions are expected if the desiccant is accidentally swallowed. Silica is a naturally-occurring mineral that is processed into a silica packet.

    Can I eat Vega® products if I have diabetes?

    This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer, since every person living with diabetes has unique needs. Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes it’s always best to work with your doctor or health care practitioner to find out what foods fit into your individualised diet and personal activity level.

    Are Vega® products organic?

    This is a great question! At Vega® we source organic ingredients where possible. We believe in finding suppliers that have similar core values to us, with whom we can build long-lasting partnerships. These suppliers may provide us with organically grown raw materials free from herbicides and pesticides, but might not have their organic certification. Organic certification is an extensive process that can be cost prohibitive for some of these smaller scale farms. Sustainability and sustainably grown ingredients is something that is very important to Vega®. 

    Can Vega® Essentials help me lose weight?

    Vega® Essentials is a nutrient dense food, so you can use it any way that you would use any other food. You can enjoy it on its own or as a part of your favourite smoothie. You can even cook with it, making pancakes or muffins.  Vega® Essentials can be integrated into your weight-loss plan, which should only be undertaken with the support of your doctor or health care practitioner.  We love Vega® Essentials because it tastes great and offers 20 grams of plant-based protein in a serving with 135 kcal.

    Can I take Vega® Essentials while pregnant?

    Great question! We get asked this fairly often by many new mums and parents who want to make sure they’re doing what is best for their babies. Our recommendation is to always check with your doctor or healthcare practitioner on whether or not you personally should use Vega® products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Your doctor has the full scope of your overall health and wellness goals so they will be a better judge in determining whether this is a time when you should be introducing a new food or supplement into your routine or continuing with your current intake. You and your doctor can learn more about all of our products on our website:

    Why isn't my tub full?

    Never fear, this is totally normal! Our Vega® protein powders settle and compress from the minute they are made until they safely arrive at your home. With different equipment, different ingredients, as well as shipping methods, some of our products compress more than others. But you can rest assured that you’re getting the same nutrition as the serving size noted in the nutrition facts panel.